Dark Chocolate Chunk Oat & Honey Cookies


Chocolate Chunk Oat & Honey Cookies (150 g)

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GD Sweets Oat & Honey Cookies

Indulge your sweet tooth without guilt!

GD Sweets cookies are made with gluten free oats, honey, and dark chocolate chunks, and are free of palm oil, dairy, gluten, and refined sugar. This means you can enjoy a delicious treat without worrying about your blood sugar levels or other dietary restrictions.

Our cookies are deliciously crunchy. The honey and dark chocolate add a touch of sweetness and richness, and the gluten free oats give the cookies a satisfying texture.

GD Sweets cookies are perfect for a snack on the go, a dessert after dinner, or a special occasion treat. They also make a great gift for friends and family members with dietary restrictions.

Each box contains 150g of cookies.

Order your box of GD Sweets cookies today and experience the guilt-free difference!